Monday, 6 May 2013

Growing up

6 years ago Mikey my youngest was born.

Joining our family making it complete.

In 6 years he has grown from a tiny baby into a lovely little boy.

He has took his place as the Joker of the family with his cheeky smile and constant on the go attitude

 yet he has a quite reserved side too.

He makes everyone laugh with his daredevil antics, fearless and energetic Mikey is always the one who is climbing and jumping off of the highest thing he can find.

6 whole years have passed it almost doesn't seem possible, I constantly look at my three children and wonder how on earth they got so old.

Now my youngest is 6, no longer a baby, nor a toddler not even a pre schooler. All three of my children are growing up and I love watching them find their way in the world.

Happy Birthday Mikey


  1. Happy Birthday to Mikey!Lovely photos of different stages!

  2. Happy birthday to him :)
    And happy nostalgia to you x

  3. Happy birthday to your big boy. xx

  4. Beautiful photos, it is lovely too see him grow.

  5. Gorgeous pictures - Happy 6th Birthday, doesn't time fly!

  6. Lovely looking back through the pictures and hope Mikey had a fabulous birthday!

  7. happy birthday to him! it is amazing how quick they grow!!

  8. Lovely post. Happy birthday to him :)

  9. Lovely post! Happy Birthday Mikey! x x

  10. What a lovely post. Happy belated birthday to your baby! I can't imagine my two getting past the baby/toddler stage. Life is so bittersweet isn't it? It is amazing watching them grow and develop yet sad the baby years pass by so quickly. I think my 12 week old is the last baby in our family so I am treasuring every moment. x


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